eSport Team Shirts: When Things Get Serious

Sure, you could roll into the next tournament with your squad rocking
some garage-made tees. You could do that. Or… you could work with PixelCotton
to get your own official eSport team gear. Your choice.

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Three Levels,
Three Offers

Like strategic tactics and gameplay styles, each eSport team is different. There are heavy-hitters, sponsored by billion-dollar companies, and there are rag-tag grinders looking to break through. Wherever your team falls on the hierarchy, PixelCotton has the solution to get you outfitted.

Level I

Create an eSport team shop

Create an eSport team shop exclusively for your team. Upload your own logos, sponsor art and designs, and create an entire line of team and fan gear.

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Level II

Create exclusive team jerseys

Create exclusive team jerseys. Take full advantage of PixelCotton partner discounts, professional design services and volume discounts.

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Level III

I Want It All, and I Want It Now!

Your team is a whale in a swimming pool. Other teams step aside when you enter the tourney. Let us show you what you’ve been missing with your current provider!

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