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PixelCotton presents Spreadshirts Shop. The fast and free Merchandise System for Devs and Publisher

Free but not cheap

No Risk - instant Reward System is normal at Spreadshirt. No hidden Costs get the professional edition. And best: its allways free!

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Indie Developers

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Unleash your creativity in a new and exciting way, and earn some cash in the process. Forget coding and script; this is more like cash and coins.

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Your games off-screen and on-person. Take your titles to the street by adding our simple and flexible merchandising service.

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The ultimate addition to your marketing mix. If you’re looking for a new way to reach your players and fans, look no further. The ultimate marketing device is here—and it’s free.

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Companies using the SpreadShop system

No-Risk, All Reward

No hidden costs, no service fees, no stock overhead, no shipping, no handling… it’s all taken care of, and oh yeah, it’s all free.

Click. Click. Cha-ching!

A click here, a click there, a little bit of personal touch, and you’re up and earning in no time.

Merch on a Global Scale

Language support, currency conversion, worldwide shipping, international taxes and fees? Yeah, it’s all handled.

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Full control


Large product range

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PixelCotton, the most fire name in gaming merch, has got an offer you can’t refuse. Register today for a free merchandise shop, and receive a free branded t-shirt on the house. Explore a new way to connect with your fans through gamified merch, and hit the Gamescom floor in style.

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